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Microsoft Silverlight

What Is Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a web browser plug-in, much like the Adobe Flash player.

Unlike Adobe Flash, however, Silverlight provides the ability to present an entire software package through a web browser. Since the plug-in is available for both PC and Macintosh Silverlight provides a great mechanism for cross-platform applications.

Why is that Good?

With Silverlight, through your web browser you can have the full capabilities of a desktop software application - with no software to install!

In addition, you will never have to worry about purchasing or installing upgrades to your software. With Silverlight, as upgrades become necessary or new features are added to your software, you automatically will be using those new features each time you run your software.

dobbs enterprise solutions uses a suite of software tools from telerik.com that allow us to build incredible Silverlight applications.

Click the button below to check out a quick example of a Silverlight Dashboard!

Why Choose Us


We have been providing solutions for over fifteen years. During that time we have worked with dozens of companies of all sizes in numerous industries. That broad-based perspective has provided us an in-depth knowledge of business processes and workflows - and we bring that expertise to you.


Our consuiltants and employees are highly educated, with degrees ranging from Accounting and Finance to Computer Technology and Information Systems. We have the background to provide solutions that work.


We pride ourselves on keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology environment. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your solution will provide you years of reliable and cost-effective performance.


While based in Los Angeles, CA our clients span the globe. No location is too remote!

About Us

dobbs enterprise solutions, inc. is a software development and management consulting firm.


Founded in 1995 in Redondo Beach, California, we specialize in providing custom database and software solutions for our clients, and also provide business analysis and business process reengineering services to help tune your organization’s efficiency.

With over 15 years experience in many industries ranging from Healthcare to Entertainment and Manufacturing, we have the expertise to rapidly provide you with a solution designed for your specific business requirements.

What Do You Need?

Here are just a few examples of the types of solutions we build:

Contract Management Software

Inventory Systems

Time and Billing Software

Scheduling Systems

Property Management Software

Invoice and Billing Systems

Recruiting Agency Software

Financial Reporting Systems

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software

Fleet Management Systems

Document Management Systems

Company Web Sites

Dashboard Applications

Employee Management Systems

Property Inspection Software

Box Office Results Software

Sales Management Software

Manufacturing Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software

Database Integrated Web Sites

No matter how unique your requirements or how large or small your project we have the expertise to build your solution!

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