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Custom Software


We design database-driven software solutions that help you run your business.


We use state-of-the-art technology and software development tools to rapidly build powerful and user-friendly software applications.

dobbs enterprise solutions excels in designing and implementing state-of-the-art information systems that support all areas of company operations, from accounting and financial management to operations, manufacturing and inventory control.

We design database systems and custom software packages that allow employees to do their jobs faster, more accurately and more productively.


A custom software solution is tailored to your specific business requirements. This results in a dramatic increase in employee productivity since there's no time wasted entering extraneous data that an off-the-shelf system may require.

In addition, it's very likely that your business has unique requirements and business rules that are not supported by off-the-shelf packages. A custom software solution assures you that your business requirements are properly met and your objectives achieved.

  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
Desktop Applications

Custom Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

Traditional desktop applications are still the most prevalent type of custom software.

Most desktop applications are client/server applications. In a nutshell this means that you have a database "back-end" that stores all of your information, and a "front-end" or "client" program that allows you to access that information.

We can design desktop software as simple as a single-user package or as complex as a client/server solution that runs across a wide area network.

Desktop Applications Desktop Applications

Web Applications
Web Solutions

Custom Database-Integrated Website Solutions

People today are accustomed to accessing information anywhere, at any time. Why should the availability of your company information be any different?

Companies now are embracing the idea of having their company business application software delivered over the internet. With web-based information systems your data is accessible 24/7/365 whether you're in your office or on the beach in Tahiti.

Today's technology allows web applications to present the user with the same rich kind of interaction and feature set formerly only found in desktop applications. Take a look at our Silverlight demo to see how amazing web-based software can be!

Web Applications

What Do You Need?

Here are just a few examples of the types of solutions we build:

Contract Management Software

Inventory Systems

Time and Billing Software

Scheduling Systems

Property Management Software

Invoice and Billing Systems

Recruiting Agency Software

Financial Reporting Systems

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software

Fleet Management Systems

Document Management Systems

Company Web Sites

Dashboard Applications

Employee Management Systems

Property Inspection Software

Box Office Results Software

Sales Management Software

Manufacturing Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software

Database Integrated Web Sites

No matter how unique your requirements or how large or small your project we have the expertise to build your solution!

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